We are driving organizational learning through innovation.

Core Fundamentals

Sustainability Lab
LearnLab.ai is your custom framework for educating and building teams that can execute on ideas quickly and effectively.
LearnLab.ai facilitates experimentation and learning to solve real-world challenges using a user-driven problem-solving framework.
LearnLab.ai creates a safe space for users to access resources, learn and collaborate on projects with peers and advisors.

Our Mission

We are in the business of future education. We are passionate innovators with a desire to help individuals, teams and businesses develop the skills and competitive advantages they need to succeed in today’s economy. We envision a world where people learn together, are empowered to ask questions, seek knowledge, and co-create a better future by innovative learning, tackling challenges, and future-proofing their skills through life long skills development.

Our Team

Our team is made up of leaders who share a mission to create a global learning network to up-skill and re-skill individuals to become problem solvers.
Salar Chagpar
Chief Visioneer

As technical co-founder and CEO of Prepr, and Director of Innovation & Growth at Linx Agency Inc., Salar brings over 12 years of technology development, product development and consulting experience to this project. Salar is passionate about helping organizations unlock their potential by strategically using technology and enabling people through integrated digital and physical learning experiences. As a serial tech startup co-founder, and adviser Salar draws on a wealth of knowledge when consulting organizations to solve complex technology and business-related challenges. Further, Salar has also worked as a Business Consultant and Advisor with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) for over 7 years advising organizations to transform their sales, marketing and business operation using technology.

Caitlin McDonough
Growth Enabler

As co-founder and lead consultant at Linx Agency Inc., Caitlin has over 8 years of experience delivering on technology projects to support the sales, marketing and business operation of companies across Canada. Additionally, she has been responsible for developing and delivering several technology and growth consulting products for organizations like the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). This includes delivering consulting related to digital readiness (identifying and planning technology stacks based on user and customer need), and complex website and application development (creating systems architecture diagrams, planning user flows to support key objectives, identifying integrations and coordinating multiple vendors and stakeholders). She has worked with over 150 of BDC’s clients, helping them to create or optimize their digital technology infrastructure and presence.

Jiaxin Fang
UX Developer

She has been working as a UX developer at Prepr and Linx Agency, and has contributed to the development of 5 websites and produced more than 140 web pages so far. She translates design solutions into web pages to bridge the gap between the design and web page implementation. Her work duty also includes facilitating the ideation and design for complex web, mobile and cloud solutions, working with an agile team to define UX including user stories, personas and process flows and interactions, as well as continuing the design process by planning, executing and presenting wireframes and mockups as outcomes. Besides, she is responsible for UX/UI review of website and mobile apps, site testing & maintenance and graphic design.

Ravi Dindayal
Marketing and Sales Executive

Marketing Executive with extensive experience in digital marketing, demand generation and marketing automation. At the forefront of developing and driving integrated sales and marketing methodologies for hundreds of businesses nationally, leveraged a broad range of management and digital marketing expertise to modernize and transform sales and marketing teams to reach their full potential.

Thomas Graham
Technical Product Manager

Thomas specializes in MarTech and Sales Automations, as well as web application development for education and training technology. With a strong track record providing all-round support, Thomas bridges the gap between technology and business objectives.

Thomas' work largely focuses optimizing marketing efforts, enhancing customer engagement, and improving user experiences.

Advisory Board

Amrit Sandhu
Chief Visioneer

15+ years of developing and launching cyber risk & security solutions, services and products. Co-founded Eosensa in 2007, exited Eosensa to Scalar Decisions in 2015. Currently heads Risk Advisory Services at CDW Canada.

Vin Patel
Digital Transformation Executive

Vin is a Senior Big Data and Digital Transformation leader with over 14 years of Big Data , Digital Marketing experience in various degrees.Vin’s background spans across multiple industries including FinTech, Telecom, Industrial and High Tech.

Dr. Sorin Cohn
Visionary & Leader at ISO

Dr.  Sorin Cohn leads the International Standards Organization world team developing the  ISO56008 standard on innovation operation measurements and metrics. He is Founder & CEO of Competitive Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship (c-IM&E) – a company providing innovation management tools and consulting services.Dr. Cohn was the Chair of the Board of Startup Canada and several other companies. Sorin has led the research on innovation metrics and management for the Center for Business Innovation at the Conference Board of Canada. In 2012 Dr. Cohn was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for services to Canada.

Amrit Sandhu
Identifying Exceptional Talent | Compensation & Leadership Advisory | Growing & Scaling Businesses

As a solutions-oriented human resources and organizational development leader, Amrit focuses on utilizing the principles of organizational effectiveness to solve business problems, drive change and help create a great place to work. His success has been achieved by building credibility, trust and high personal visibility within organizations.Amrit has 25 years of diverse HR experience at companies like Ricoh, Dell, Rogers, and Imperial Oil. He has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University and a Masters of Business Administration from McGill University.

Tej Fujimoto
Founder and President of Landmark Consulting Group

Ted Fujimoto is the founder and president of Landmark Consulting Group since 1994. Landmark clients are leadership teams in the entertainment, healthcare, education, insurance and real estate sectors representing a mix of some of the top worldwide recognized brands and emerging companies. Landmark helps these clients redesign their organization to be prepared for moments of opportunity or crisis. Over the decades, Landmark has worked with teams from LVMH, Remy Martin, Air Touch Communications (now part of Verizon), General Motors, Sony, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Walton Family Foundation, among others.